Maximum performance of current motorcycles presents no problem for the ČZ chains of SDZZ type. The patented technology of the KSJ type bushes production and specially developed factory lubricant improve durability of the chain despite extreme loads. Active-ring type sealing rubber ring has optimally designed shape for sealing the lubricant in the chain joint as well as for minimizing the friction resistance during movement. As far as the level of technical advancement the SDZZ series chains are comparable to the highest lines of the leading world chain manufacturers.

The SDZZ line quality and reliability has been proven by many racing events of the world championships as well as long-distance tour expeditions.


ChainPitch (mm)Inner width (mm)Roller diameter (mm)Pin length (mm)Plate thickness inner/outer (mm)Middle static strenght (N)Weight of 100 links (kg)Connecting linkType of sealing ringPlates colour outer-inner
520 SDZZ15.8756.4810.321.32.4/2.2415001.89RIVETActive-ringgold-black
525 SDZZ15.8757.9410.323.52.4/2.6462002.1RIVETActive-ringgold-black
530 SDZZ15.8759.5310.325.32.4/2.6486002.21RIVETActive-ringgold-black

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