ČZ Řetězy, s. r. o. is a traditional Czech manufacturer of quality roller chains, bush chains, silent chains, and special chains widely applied in automotive and motorcycle industry as well in other fields of the industrial and farming production. Our mission is production of the world-class products with the guarantee of maximum satisfaction of all users.

ČZ Řetězy, s. r. o. is a member of ČZ a.s.

Our strengths
  • Traditional production of the roller chains since 1929
  • Portfolio includes more than 2000 types of the roller chains
  • So far we have produced over 450 million metres of the chains
  • We are a certified manufacturer for the automotive industry
  • We deliver to more than 60 countries of the world
  • We have in-house R&D and comprehensive technology for manufacture of the chains
  • We manufacture in the Czech Republic