From the economic point of view the STREET series chains are divided into two sub-categories in order to meet the requirements of the widest range of customers as possible.


The first sub-category of the STREET series chains called Active-ring aims at customers who particularly prefer long durability of the chain transmission. To meet the request the chains of this category similar to the HIGH PERFORMANCE series are provided with Active-rings and patent-protected KSJ bushes.


ChainPitch (mm)Inner width (mm)Roller diameter (mm)Pin length (mm)Plate thickness inner/outer (mm)Middle static strenght (N)Weight of 100 links (kg)Connecting linkType of sealing ringPlates colour outer-inner
520 DZX15.8756.3510.220.92.2/2.2378001.78RIVET (CLIP)Active-ringsilver-black
520 ORH15.8756.3510.1620.92.2/2.2358001.63CLIP (RIVET)Active-ringyellow-black
520 ORMX15.8756.3510.1620.42.2/2345001.59CLIP (RIVET)Active-ringgold-black
525 DZX15.8757.9410.322.82.4/2.2400001.98RIVETActive-ringsilver-black
530 DZX15.8759.5310.324.92.4/2.4430002.14RIVETActive-ringsilver-black

Properties of each chain type of STREET SERIES : ACTIVE-RING

520 ORMX: This type is offered as a racing version of 520 ORM chain from the O-ring series. Contrary to 520 ORM chain, it differs in static strength and use of the Active-ring for making the joint sealed. The customers appreciate long lifecycle and reduced passive motion resistance. “Golden” outer plates impart highly attractive look of the chain.

520 DZX, 525 DZX, 530 DZX: From the design point of view the chains are based on the most powerful High Performance series. They are alternatives to the OEM chains used by the motorcycle manufacturers in all respect. They are primarily used for the road motorcycles and big touring enduros. The DZX series chains are also intended for racing use.


The economic option of the STREET series chains uses a technically simpler ring with a round profile to make the lubricant sealed that imparts its name to the entire sub-category of the chains – O-ring. Despite the use of the O-rings can’t achieve the sealing properties of the Active-rings, the sealing is sufficient for normal operation with adequate lifecycle of the chain transmission.

The chains of the O-ring category are selected by the motorcycle users who look for economy of the motorcycle’s operation without high annual mileage.


ChainPitch (mm)Inner width (mm)Roller diameter (mm)Pin length (mm)Plate thickness inner/outer (mm)Middle static strenght (N)Weight of 100 links (kg)Connecting linkType of sealing ringPlates colour outer-inner
428 OR12.77.758.51201.8/1.6234001.1CLIPO-ringblue-yellow
520 DZO15.8756.3510.220.52/2356001.66RIVET (CLIP)O-ringyellow-yellow
520 ORM15.8756.3510.1620.82.2/2340001.6CLIP (RIVET)O-ringblue-yellow
525 DZO15.8757.9410.320.92.4/2.2400001.98RIVETO-ringyellow-yellow
530 DZO15.8759.5310.325.32.4/2.4430002.15RIVETO-ringyellow-yellow

Properties of each chain type of STREET SERIES : O-RING

428 OR: Definite option for the users who look for longer maintenance interval and chain durability on small-displacement motorcycles.

520 ORM: Massive popularity and quality of the chain proved by years made this chain the legend offered by ČZ. Ideal for road and hard enduro motorcycles with great durability despite the chain is being sealed with O-rings only. It may be used for less powerful road motorcycles as well.

520 DZO, 525 DZO, 530 DZO: Economic option for DZX chains. They are designed for use as the DZX chains with the exception of the use of the sealing rings of O-ring type and associated resulting technical properties of the product.

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