Industrial chains

The chains from the company´s production are destined for bicycles, mopeds, general engineering and agriculture. The distribution is realized by means of sale network, incl. after sales-service and technical support for users. A high quality and long-service-life of the products in proportion to cost factors are ensured by the accurate manufacturing of first-rate input materials, level of heat treatment and further bythe own KNOW-HOW in development of chains, toolings, technologies and construction of chain machines. The chains are manufactured according to Standards in operation CSN, ISO, DIN and ANSI or as per specific contract letting.


     Catalogue of CZ industrial chains (PDF 17,4MB)


Roller chains
Roller chains are the most widely used chains asserting nearly in each sphere of transmission. The other types (excluding Leaf chains) are derivations for special using. Exactly defined clearances between particular components ensure the right operating and chain flexibility. These clearances serve at the same time as a lubrificant holder and shock absorber during the transmitted power. The rotating chain roller enables an easy generating on chain wheel profile and by this it helps to markedly smaller transmission wear.


Double pitch roller chains
are consistent, by their structure, with Roller chains incl. the main dimensions, the pitch of chains only is double. The double pitch chains are used especially in chain conveyors with particularly long width between centres and further also in small loading low-speed transmissions with big chain wheels. They have half number of links at the same distance and that is why also a smaller wear which is favourable with a long distance between axes. The indispensable fact is also a smaller weight in comparison with classic Roller chains.


Stainless roller chains
with these chains the stainless steel is used for all components so that they could work in a corrosion agressive environment and without any lubrification. Their application is especially in food and chemical industry. Their dimensions are consistent with classic Roller chains, but only their strengt is smaller – see the summary sheets. With all chains it is possible to order the performance with galvanized plating of all components or only of some of them, for ex. plates. The chains with galvanized plating are, in light of rust protection, a compromise solution between classic and stainless chains.The chains with galvanized plating cannot be recommended for event. bigger dynamic stress.


Bushing chains
In light of design they originate from Roller chains, but only the rollers are missing in their construction.The chain of chain wheel slides on the teeth during the movement which produces a relatively bigger wear than in a Roller chain. The bush chains are manufactured for reasons of bigger link breadth (bush –pin) whereby they support to a bigger link carrying-capacity. This was achieved by a bigger pin and bush diameter upon maintenance of main dimensions.